Employee Policies Checklist

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If you have an employee manual, these are some policies you should have: – Define the workweek, especially if it isn’t M-F 8-5 or 9-5. This can make a difference in overtime calculations. – Establish a probation period, especially if it isn’t six months (as allowed by Montana law). – … Read More

Avoiding Retaliation Claims

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If an employee makes a complaint about your business – discrimination, safety violations, harassment, financial irregularities – your next and possibly bigger problem is avoiding a retaliation claim. Whether or not the original complaint was true or validated, an employee can claim that you retaliated against them for the complaint … Read More

Termination Letters

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Firing an employee is never fun. Depending on the circumstances, emotions can run high and there may be concern about a wrongful discharge suit. Writing out a termination letter, whether or not you plan to give it to the employee, is a good way to calm emotions and prepare for … Read More