Procedures 101

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When should you write down how you want things done by employees? When: You keep explaining the same process over and over. A certain process occurs so seldom that everyone forgets how to do it. You want everyone to do things the same way. You want to set a baseline … Read More

Grab N Go Kits

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Every good program seems to be weighed down with paperwork, and a Return to Work (RTW) plan is no different. In this case, the paperwork has a special name: Grab N Go kits. These kits are contained in a large envelope and are designed to be taken along when an … Read More

Planning for Injuries

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Return to Work (RTW) plans are one of those things that you never think of until it is too late to develop one, like a car emergency kit. Once an employee is hurt, you have four work days to sort it out before wage-loss payments start and your workers comp … Read More

Montana OSHA

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Montana has long had a work injury rate 40% higher than the national average, resulting in high levels of injuries and expensive Worker’s Compensation rates. The federal OSHA program is geared toward national issues, which don’t always address Montana’s safety problems. In an effort to improve Montana’s safety rates, the … Read More

Balancing Safety Committees

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Little-known fact: All Montana companies with five or more employees are required to have a Safety Committee.  Even companies that do have one don’t always know how to balance the committee to make it truly useful. Sometimes everyone on the committee is a line employee; sometimes everyone is management. Neither … Read More

The Five S’s

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There are lots of advantages to having a neat and clean workspace, from efficiency to environmental considerations. The big problem is always how to get there. One technique associated with Lean Manufacturing is called the 5S program; it starts with the obvious challenges of how to get the workplace cleaned … Read More

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