Employee Manuals 101

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When should you develop an employee manual? When: You keep making the same decision about maternity leave or how to handle complaints. Employees keep asking the same questions. High turnover makes consistent training hard. Employees respond with “I didn’t know” when disciplined. The goal is to create a handbook so … Read More

Dealing with Tattoos

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If you hire younger people (and you will probably have to sooner or later), you have to deal with tattoos. A decade ago you could usually ignore them because very few good candidates or employees had one, but they are increasingly found on very bright and motivated young people who … Read More

Attendance and Punctuality

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One of the more frustrating challenges facing a manger is the employee who just can’t seem to make it in to work, with unpredictable absences and/or regular tardiness. At best, this behavior causes disruption of the workplace while coworkers figure out how to compensate for the missing person; at worst, … Read More

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