Employee Policies Checklist

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If you have an employee manual, these are some policies you should have:

  • – Define the workweek, especially if it isn’t M-F 8-5 or 9-5. This can make a difference in overtime calculations.
  • – Establish a probation period, especially if it isn’t six months (as allowed by Montana law).
  • – Employees have no expectation of privacy on company-owned computers, devices, or cell phones.
  • – Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment.
  • Grievance policy for terminations, not just harassment or discrimination. Hand out the policy for all terminations, regardless of reason.
  • – When final payment will be made after termination (at the next pay day or within 15 days, whichever is sooner). In the absence of a policy, it is due immediately.
  • – Giving references for current or former employees.

Also include:

  • – Disclaimers about the company’s ability to change the policies or the manual at any time
  • – Statements that the manual is not a contract of employment
  • – Employee acknowledgement of receipt and understanding of the manual; get a signed copy for the employee’s personnel file.


Thanks to Kathryn Mahe for a great presentation!