Work Instructions

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Whether you are trying to introduce consistency to tasks being done or to make it easier to train new employees, work instructions, sometimes referred to as standard work, can make life much simpler. It is easy to see how specific instructions on how to do a job would be helpful … Read More

The Five S’s

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There are lots of advantages to having a neat and clean workspace, from efficiency to environmental considerations. The big problem is always how to get there. One technique associated with Lean Manufacturing is called the 5S program; it starts with the obvious challenges of how to get the workplace cleaned … Read More

Getting the Job Done

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At the Compete Smart conference for Montana‚Äôs manufacturers, I attended break-out sessions on Value Stream Mapping and Training Within Industry. The names sound very different and they come from very different methods, but I was struck by the fit between them. Value stream mapping is done from the perspective of … Read More