Payroll Points

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Somehow paying employees is never quite as easy as it seems like it should be. How hard can it be? Multiply hours worked by wage and that is what you owe, right? Wrong, of course, what with overtime and deductions. And even that apparently simple calculation has pitfalls. First, how … Read More

Guard and Reserve Employees

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If you live in a community that hosts a National Guard or Reserves post, you may end up with a service member as an employee. You may not know about it when you hire them (among other things, it is a bad idea to ask candidates if they are a … Read More

Deductions from Pay

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There are a variety of reasons an employer might deduct amounts from an employees pay check, only some of which are legal. It is certainly legal to deduct amounts required by law, such as federal and state taxes, Social Security, or a garnishment order, but beyond that it gets murkier. … Read More