Service Animals

As more people are using service and emotional support animals, it is getting trickier for business owners to know how to handle them. Service animals must generally be accommodated in all areas where members of the public are allowed to go, while emotional support dogs don’t have to be. So … Read More

ADA Interactive Process Notes

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Employers have a responsibility to be proactive when they become aware of a problem in their workplace. The highest-profile examples center around harassment and sex discrimination, but it applies to disabilities too. When an employer becomes aware that an employee has – or may have – a disability, they need … Read More

Discrimination Against Preganancy

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Pregnancy isn’t considered a disability in the same way that cancer or MS are, but the federal government recognizes that pregnant women can be discriminated against in similar ways and has taken steps to rectify this. Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, pregnant women are entitled to accommodations just as disabled … Read More

Why Have Job Descriptions?

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Why does a company need job descriptions? There are two main reasons, plus one applicable to companies certified in ISO-9001 and similar QMS programs. The most urgent reason is legal, as a protection against discrimination claims; the day-to-day reason is that it makes hiring and managing employees easier; the QMS … Read More

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