Dealing with Tattoos

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If you hire younger people (and you will probably have to sooner or later), you have to deal with tattoos. A decade ago you could usually ignore them because very few good candidates or employees had one, but they are increasingly found on very bright and motivated young people who … Read More

Grab N Go Kits

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Every good program seems to be weighed down with paperwork, and a Return to Work (RTW) plan is no different. In this case, the paperwork has a special name: Grab N Go kits. These kits are contained in a large envelope and are designed to be taken along when an … Read More

Planning for Injuries

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Return to Work (RTW) plans are one of those things that you never think of until it is too late to develop one, like a car emergency kit. Once an employee is hurt, you have four work days to sort it out before wage-loss payments start and your workers comp … Read More

Writing Resumes

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The internet is full of templates on writing resumes, and every field seems to have its preferred formats. Still, there are some tips that apply to just about every resume. The resume (and cover letter) are how you get an interview, not how you get a job.This is your chance … Read More

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