What is Governance?

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Good governance is usually used in conversations about nonprofits and government entities, but many of its characteristics apply to good management as well. Good governance is competent management of an organization’s resources and affairs, in a manner that recognizes the needs of all stakeholders. Mores specifically, good governance is: law-abiding … Read More

Praise and Correction

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For years, the standard advice for correcting people has been to start with something positive, proceed with the negative feedback, and end with something else positive. This has always felt wrong to me: you are tainting the positives with a negative. Finally, someone with some research to support it has … Read More

Listen, Fight, Praise, Lead

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The hard part of leading, the part so many business people avoid whenever possible, is dealing with employee emotions and, in particular, conflict. Unfortunately, it is hard to lead well when you ignore something that has such a huge affect on how people act. To get better at leading, Leadership … Read More