Caroline Arce

Magpie provides support with paperwork and organization so manufacturers can focus on making high-quality products. I am extremely grateful for the internal audit for the HR procedures that came from Deborah McAtee and her team. She thoroughly prepared me in what changes I needed to make and what procedures I … Read More

Brie Thompson

Deborah came to my rescue when I needed formalize our company’s procedures for a third-party food safety audit. Writing has never been my strong suit and before I met Deborah I was losing sleep over how I would pull everything together while still managing all of my other responsibilities. Deborah … Read More

Suzie Turczyn

Deborah has been a consultant to Lone Mountain Gymnastics and Swim School for over six years. We have used her expertise in the area of human resources and technical writing to convert our old employee handbook into a valuable resource for the company. Deborah has helped mold the employee handbook … Read More

Jackie Vick

After 35 years of operation, Intermountain Opera Bozeman was fortunate enough to engage the services of Deborah McAtee to assist in updating and generating our governance documents. Deborah was incredibly diligent and patient with us as she unraveled decades of information and changes. Deborah created a Board Handbook covering responsibilities, … Read More

Sara Mines

Deborah has been an integral part of our internal quality audit program here at Lattice Materials for almost two years. Deborah’s participation is beneficial to us because she offers a unique outside perspective that our internal auditors cannot provide. She has a talent for asking questions that not only prepare … Read More


Magpie has been such a benefit to Thrive over the past couple of years! They have reduced paid staff time on newsletters enabling our staff to work more on providing direct services to children and families. They have helped us establish more of a professional presence in our materials. Connecting … Read More

Matt McCune

My background is engineering. Staying true to the stereotype, writing is not a strength of mine. I also enjoy developing entrepreneurial ideas quickly with other people. At Autopilot, we often find that our minds and collaboration outpace our ability to capture all of the details, document them, and convert them … Read More