Susan Swimley

Good covenants reflect the vision for the property. An owners’ association needs clear direction and authority. Deborah is the right person to listen, ask the right questions and write the covenants to capture the vision for the property. Having been involved in an association, she brings knowledge of “how it … Read More

Betsy Webb

The Local Government Center contracted with Magpie to perform the research for an 11-city salary review and summary report. The survey provided compensation and benefits data to assist municipalities in attracting and retaining public employees in Montana. Deborah worked independently, but collaboratively, to deliver a product that was valued by … Read More


Magpie has been such a benefit to Thrive over the past couple of years! They have reduced paid staff time on newsletters enabling our staff to work more on providing direct services to children and families. They have helped us establish more of a professional presence in our materials. Connecting … Read More