Payroll Points

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Somehow paying employees is never quite as easy as it seems like it should be. How hard can it be? Multiply hours worked by wage and that is what you owe, right? Wrong, of course, what with overtime and deductions. And even that apparently simple calculation has pitfalls. First, how … Read More

Service Animals

As more people are using service and emotional support animals, it is getting trickier for business owners to know how to handle them. Service animals must generally be accommodated in all areas where members of the public are allowed to go, while emotional support dogs don’t have to be. So … Read More

Financial Controls

In any organization, there is the chance of money going missing between income and outgo. Financial or internal controls are the policies and procedures that minimize this leakage – and protect people handling the money from charges of fraud. Businesses tend to have internal controls because the owner is keeping … Read More

Training Materials 101

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Training picks up where procedures leave off, and they should work together to make sure employees are doing the job the way you want it done. Much training can be done on the job, but sometimes it is worth putting together materials to make the process go more smoothly. Training … Read More

Procedures 101

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When should you write down how you want things done by employees? When: You keep explaining the same process over and over. A certain process occurs so seldom that everyone forgets how to do it. You want everyone to do things the same way. You want to set a baseline … Read More

Job Descriptions 101

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When should you write job descriptions? When: Tasks keep falling through the crack or being duplicated. You hear “It’s not my job” more than you like. You are hiring and need to explain the job to candidates. Hand-offs between employees make tasks more complicated than they need to be. Before … Read More

Employee Manuals 101

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When should you develop an employee manual? When: You keep making the same decision about maternity leave or how to handle complaints. Employees keep asking the same questions. High turnover makes consistent training hard. Employees respond with “I didn’t know” when disciplined. The goal is to create a handbook so … Read More

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